Computer Performance Management

We can help you with many different aspects of computer performance management. Here are some examples:

Problem Management

Bad things happen. The quicker you know about them, the quicker you can respond. Problem management helps you react to problems quickly.

Service Level Management

Poor response time frustrates users. By implementing service level management, you can ensure that response time, and other critical service levels, are met.

Capacity Management

The load on a computer system is rarely static. Capacity management allows you to meet service levels even as the load increases.

Performance Engineering

Designing software to meet performance requirements is the objective of performance engineering. This discipline can also be applied to optimizing existing software.

Erasing problemsSolving Computer Performance Problems: It's What We Do

We're problem solvers. We started out doing training and consulting on performance management. In our consulting, we quickly realized that we needed better tools, which led us to create performance management software.

Our initial products were for the Unisys mainframe market. Like everyone in the industry, we had to change with the times. Our newest products run on multiple platforms and are extensible to collect data from any type of system.

We work with IT departments, ISV's, and integrators to provide tailored software and services for computer performance management.

Why We're DifferentNerd

Frankly, we're a bit on the nerdy side. Not quite as nerdy as the photo, but above average. We're software engineers as well as consultants. We have worked on operating systems and databases. We have done consulting for a wide range of businesses and governmental organizations.

We understand real world problems, and how to solve them. And we know that every customer has special requirements and needs.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

If you have bought socks that say "one size fits all," you may have found out it's not true. This is true for software and services as well. We engineer our software to be customized to meet your needs. If this isn't enough, we are very open to implementing new features. We try to do this in weeks or months, rather than years. Our services are also customized to meet your specific requirements.

Common Courtesy

We've experienced the "attitude" of some software vendors. We hate it. So we do our best to make sure we treat our customers, and potential customers, with the respect they deserve.