The Module API

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GPM collects data using "modules." A module is a ClearPath library that can be written in Algol or Cobol. The library calls on GPM to define the data it will collect and to provide data samples. GPM calls on the library when it is time to take a sample.

GPM provides mechanisms for adding and removing modules that collect data, and setting the time interval between samples for a module.


User Written ModulesProgrammers

The GPM User's Guide contains a complete description on how to create a GPM module. You can easily add your own data collection modules to augment the standard GPM modules.








GPM Data Collection Modules

Disc collecting dataGPM provides an extensible architecture for collection data based on Modules. Modules define and collect data that is recorded by GPM. The standard and add-on modules for GPM are listed below with a brief description.

System Module

Collects information about overall system utilization of resources including CPU, I/O, memory, and disk packs.

Database Module

Monitors resource usage and I/O activity for any or all of your databases.

Workload Module

Uses a subset of the Affinité CP/Analyzer capacity management software to monitor the utilization of system resources broken down by user-defined workloads.

COMS Module

Provides you with detailed information about the performance of COMS transaction processing programs, windows, stations and transaction codes.

NAP Module

Provides performance information about systems using the Communications Application Platform (CAP) or Voice Source Express (VSE).

BICSS Module

Provides activity information from the BICSS logs on CAP and VSE systems.

Multi-Host Module

If you have multiple ClearPath MCP hosts and have licensed GPM to run on each of these hosts, you can use the multi-host module to integrate data from each of the hosts into consolidated data collection files.

RemStats Module

Gathers performance information about network transmission time for selected stations.

NT Host Module

Provides data collection facilities for one or more Windows servers.

Host Monitor Module

Provides a ‘heartbeat’ mechanism between a central monitoring host and a number of remote monitored hosts using TCP/IP.

Event Monitor Module

Accepts text input from a user program, or a system monitor such as System Assistant or MetaLogic Supervisor. EventMonitor then stores the event text in the GPM database.