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Knowing about a problem isn't of much use if you don't do something about. A good problem management system needs many different ways to tell people about problems.

There are many systems available for enterprise problem management. A good monitoring system needs to interface with any existing enterprise solution.







Notification Actions

Emergency 911Your monitoring system has detected a problem or potential problem. What now? You need a way to let someone know about the problem. ArteMon notification action handlers do exactly that. They are part of the ArteMon plug-in architecture, so it is easy to add new ways to notify people of problems. When a notification needs to be sent, it is passed to a notification action handler to get the job done. ArteMon includes action handlers for logging notifications to a file, sending an SNMP v2 notification, and sending the notification to a NetCool enterprise station.

Default actionsDefault Actions

You can select one or more default actions for all notifications. When a notification needs to be sent, it is passed to each of the default notification actions. This default behavior can be overridden in two ways, which are described below.

Custom actionNotification Specific Actions

You can override the default action handling for any notification by providing the specific action handlers to use for the notification. When the notification needs to be sent, the specific action handlers for the notification are called. As an example. you could use this capability to send SNMP notifications for some, but not all, notifications.

Severity filterSeverity Level Filters

Each of the default notification actions can have an associated severity filter. A notification is sent to an action handler only if its filter contains the severity level of the notification. For example, you could send SNMP notifications as a default action, but only for Critical and Major notifications.