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To fix a problem, you need to know about it. But there are all types of problems, and potential problems. And they can come from many different sources.

Most of the management protocols support some type of "event notification" mechanism. In SNMP there are traps (v1) and notifications (v2). JMX also supports notifications,as does WBEM.

To handle all of the various types of notifications, ArteMon uses "virtual" monitor events that can be handled in a consistent manner.

Event Virtualization

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ArteMon uses the concept of a monitor event to represent something that can generate a notification. Data managers define these events. The SNMP data manager, as an example, converts SNMP traps and notifications into ArteMon monitor events.

You select which events should generate notifications.



ArteMon Incident Management

About to step on a banna peelIf you are going to respond quickly to problems, you need to know about them. ArteMon's incident management does exactly that. Even better, it can warn you about potential problems before they happen.

The Incident Manager uses two types of data to notify you of current or potential problems. First, certain events generated by the network monitor can be used to control notifications about an incident. These events include SNMP traps as well as internal ArteMon events. As part of the plug-in architecture, any data provider plug-in can define events sent to the Incident Manager.

Second, thresholds can be defined based on the monitored data. The Incident Manager monitors these thresholds and takes action when they are exceeded.

When an incident occurs, or its status changes, ArteMon shows it on its incidents panel and saves the information in a database. Notification Action Handlers extend the processing of incidents, since the Incident Manager sends them information as well.

You can also supply JavaScript that is used to process any notification. This lets you modify the notification, or even cancel a notification, based on information about the actual event.

Fire alarmEvent Based Notifications

Data managers can define monitor events that are handled by the Incident Manager. For example, when the SNMP data manager is initialized with one or more MIBs, it defines monitor events for all of the SNMP v1 Traps or SNMPv2 Notifications in the MIB.

Speed limit signRule Based Notifications

ArteMon Server allows you to specify thresholds that generate notifications. In fact, you can specify multiple thresholds, each with a different severity level. Simple numerical thresholds are not enough to deal with today's complex systems, so ArteMon provides several different types of threshold rules.

CorrelationNotification Correlation

Sometimes a single external event can cause many different events to be generated. The exact set of events generated may change based on different environmental conditions. ArteMon's notification correlation allows you to control which notifications in a set of notifications are sent.
Fire alarmNotification Actions
How do you know about incidents? First, ArteMon shows an incidents panel that displays all current incidents. But you can also take different actions to handle a notification. Notification Action Handlers are plug-ins that receive notifications from the Incident Manager.