Plug-In Architecture

Plug-in architectures have been around for a long time. They provide a way for new code to be easily incorporated into an application. This is particularly easy when Java™ is the development language.

For more information on plug-in architectures, see the Wikipedia article on Plug-in (computing).












ArteMon Plug-Ins

ArteMon supports three types of plug-ins: data providers, data publishers, and notification action handlers.

Spreadsheet with dataData Providers

All ArteMon data is collected through a data provider. Data providers can collect their data by sampling at regular intervals, or they can handle asynchronous data that is stored when it is available. Data providers can also declare monitor events that are sent to the incident management system.

Data providers can collect specific information from one type of source, or they can implement a protocol that can handle many different data sources. The SNMP data provider, for example, can collect data from any SNMP data source. You just have to point it at the correct MIBs you want to use.

ArteMon Server includes data providers for monitoring:

  • Linux servers
  • Windows servers
  • SNMP devices
  • JMX data
  • Log files
  • My SQL databases.

ExtraData Publishers

Data publishers send monitored data to an external program. ArteMon includes the GPM Publisher that sends monitor data to ArteMon GPM. This Windows based program displays the monitored data in real-time. More info on ArteMon GPM...


MegaphoneNotification Action Handlers

Notification Action Handlers are passed notifications when they are generated by the incident management subsystem. ArteMon includes action handlers for logging the notification and sending an SNMP v2 Notification. More info on notification action handlers...